Kia Optima: Features of your vehicle / Smart trunk

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2021 Owner's Manual / Features of your vehicle / Smart trunk

On a vehicle equipped with a smart key, the trunk lock is released with no-touch activation using the Smart Trunk system.

How to use the Smart Trunk

The trunk can be opened with notouch activation if the following conditions are met:


1. Setting

To activate the Smart Trunk, go to User Settings Mode and select Smart Trunk on the LCD display.

❈ For more details, refer to “LCD Display” in this chapter.

2. Detect and Alert

If you are positioned in the detecting area (50 ~100 cm (20 ~ 40 inches) behind the vehicle) carrying a smart key, the hazard warning lights will blink and the chime will sound for about 3 seconds to alert you the smart key has been detected and the trunk will open.


Do not approach the detecting area if you do not want the trunk to open. If you have unintentionally entered the detecting area and the hazard warning lights and chime starts to operate, leave the detecting area with the smart key. The trunk will stay closed.

3. Automatic opening

The hazard warning lights will blink and the chime will sound 2 times and then the trunk lock will be released.

Make certain that you close the trunk before driving your vehicle.

Make sure there are no people or objects around the trunk before opening or closing the trunk.

Make sure to deactivate the Smart trunk function when washing your vehicle.

Otherwise, the trunk may open inadvertently.


Make sure objects in the rear cargo area do not come out when opening the trunk as this could cause serious injury.


The key should be kept out of reach of children. Children may inadvertently open the Smart Trunk while playing around the rear area of the vehicle.

How to deactivate the Smart Trunk function using the smart key

1. Door lock
2. Door unlock
3. Trunk open
4. Panic

If you press any button of the smart key during the Detect and Alert stage, the Smart Trunk function will be deactivated.

Make sure to be aware of how to deactivate the Smart Trunk function for emergency situations.


Detecting area


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