Kia Optima DL3 2019-2020 Owner's Manual

      L Your vehicle at a glance
           L Exterior overview
           L Interior overview
           L Instrument panel overview
           L Engine compartment
      L Safety features of your vehicle
           L Important safety precautions
           L Seat
                L Front seat adjustment - manual
                L Front seat adjustment - power (if equipped)
                L Driver position memory system (for power seat)
                     L Storing positions into memory using the buttons on the door
                     L Driver position memory system reset
                     L Easy access function
                L Headrest (for front seat)
                     L Adjusting the height up and down
                     L Removal and reinstallation
                L Seatback pocket
                L Rear seat adjustment
                     L Folding the rear seat
           L Seat belts
                L Seat belt restraint system
                     L Seat belt - Driver's 3-point system with emergency locking retractor
                     L Seat belts - Front passenger and rear seat 3-point system with combination locking retractor
                L Pre-tensioner seat belt
                L Seat belt precautions
                     L Larger children
                     L Restraint of pregnant women, Injured person, One person per belt
                L Care of seat belts
           L Child Restraint System (CRS)
                L Children Always in the Rear
                L Selecting a Child Restraint System (CRS)
                L Installing a Child Restraint System (CRS)
                     L Lower Anchors and Tether for Children (LATCH) System
                     L Securing a child restraint with the LATCH anchors system
                     L Securing a child restraint seat with "Tether Anchor" system
                     L Securing a child restraint with a lap belt or lap/shoulder belt
           L Air bag - advanced supplemental restraint system
                L Air bag warning light
                L SRS components and functions
                L Occupant Detection System (ODS)
                     L Main components of the occupant detection system
                     L Condition and operation in the front passenger occupant detection system
                L Driver's and passenger's front air bag
                L Side air bag
                L Curtain air bag
                L Why didn’t my air bag go off in a collision?
                     L Air bag collision sensors
                     L Air bag inflation conditions
                     L Air bag non-inflation conditions
                L SRS Care
      L Features of your vehicle
           L Folding key
                L Key operations
                L Transmitter precautions
                L Battery replacement
                L Immobilizer system
                L Limp home (override) procedure
           L Smart key
                L Smart key function
                L Loss of the smart key, Smart key precautions
                L Battery replacement
                L Smart key immobilizer system
           L Theft-alarm system
                L Armed stage
                L Theft-alarm stage, Disarmed stage
           L Door locks
                L Operating door locks from outside the vehicle
                L Operating door locks from inside the vehicle
                L Child-protector rear door lock
           L Trunk
                L Emergency trunk safety release
           L Smart trunk
           L Windows
                L Power windows
                L Window opening and closing, Auto up/down window
                L Power window lock button
           L Hood
           L Fuel filler lid
           L Panoramic sunroof
                L Sunroof open warning
                L Sunshade
                L Sliding the sunroof
                L Tilting the sunroof
                L Closing the sunroof
                L Resetting the sunroof
           L Steering wheel
                L Tilt and telescopic steering
                L Heated steering wheel
                L Horn
           L Mirrors
                L Inside rearview mirror
                L Outside rearview mirror
                     L Adjusting outside rearview mirror
                     L Reverse parking aid function
                     L Folding the outside rearview mirror
           L Instrument cluster
                L Instrument Cluster Control
                L LCD Display Control
                L Gauges
                L Transmission Shift Indicator
           L LCD display
                L LCD Modes
                L User Settings Mode
           L Trip modes (Trip computer)
                L Trip Modes
                L Fuel Economy

Total pages: 108

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