Kia Optima DL3 2019-2023 Owner's Manual

      L Your vehicle at a glance
           L Exterior overview
           L Interior overview
           L Instrument panel overview
           L Engine compartment
      L Safety features of your vehicle
           L Important safety precautions
           L Seat
                L Front seat adjustment - manual
                L Front seat adjustment - power (if equipped)
                L Driver position memory system (for power seat)
                     L Storing positions into memory using the buttons on the door
                     L Driver position memory system reset
                     L Easy access function
                L Headrest (for front seat)
                     L Adjusting the height up and down
                     L Removal and reinstallation
                L Seatback pocket
                L Rear seat adjustment
                     L Folding the rear seat
           L Seat belts
                L Seat belt restraint system
                     L Seat belt - Driver's 3-point system with emergency locking retractor
                     L Seat belts - Front passenger and rear seat 3-point system with combination locking retractor
                L Pre-tensioner seat belt
                L Seat belt precautions
                     L Larger children
                     L Restraint of pregnant women, Injured person, One person per belt
                L Care of seat belts
           L Child Restraint System (CRS)
                L Children Always in the Rear
                L Selecting a Child Restraint System (CRS)
                L Installing a Child Restraint System (CRS)
                     L Lower Anchors and Tether for Children (LATCH) System
                     L Securing a child restraint with the LATCH anchors system
                     L Securing a child restraint seat with "Tether Anchor" system
                     L Securing a child restraint with a lap belt or lap/shoulder belt
           L Air bag - advanced supplemental restraint system
                L Air bag warning light
                L SRS components and functions
                L Occupant Detection System (ODS)
                     L Main components of the occupant detection system
                     L Condition and operation in the front passenger occupant detection system
                L Driver's and passenger's front air bag
                L Side air bag
                L Curtain air bag
                L Why didn’t my air bag go off in a collision?
                     L Air bag collision sensors
                     L Air bag inflation conditions
                     L Air bag non-inflation conditions
                L SRS Care
      L Features of your vehicle
           L Folding key
                L Key operations
                L Transmitter precautions
                L Battery replacement
                L Immobilizer system
                L Limp home (override) procedure
           L Smart key
                L Smart key function
                L Loss of the smart key, Smart key precautions
                L Battery replacement
                L Smart key immobilizer system
           L Theft-alarm system
                L Armed stage
                L Theft-alarm stage, Disarmed stage
           L Door locks
                L Operating door locks from outside the vehicle
                L Operating door locks from inside the vehicle
                L Child-protector rear door lock
           L Trunk
                L Emergency trunk safety release
           L Smart trunk
           L Windows
                L Power windows
                L Window opening and closing, Auto up/down window
                L Power window lock button
           L Hood
           L Fuel filler lid
           L Panoramic sunroof
                L Sunroof open warning
                L Sunshade
                L Sliding the sunroof
                L Tilting the sunroof
                L Closing the sunroof
                L Resetting the sunroof
           L Steering wheel
                L Tilt and telescopic steering
                L Heated steering wheel
                L Horn
           L Mirrors
                L Inside rearview mirror
                L Outside rearview mirror
                     L Adjusting outside rearview mirror
                     L Reverse parking aid function
                     L Folding the outside rearview mirror
           L Instrument cluster
                L Instrument Cluster Control
                L LCD Display Control
                L Gauges
                L Transmission Shift Indicator
           L LCD display
                L LCD Modes
                L User Settings Mode
           L Trip modes (Trip computer)
                L Trip Modes
                L Fuel Economy
                L Warning Messages
           L Warning lights
                L Air bag Warning Light, Seat Belt Warning Light
                L Parking Brake & Brake Fluid Warning Light
                L Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Warning Light
                L Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) System Warning Light
                L Electric Power Steering (EPS) Warning Light, Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL)
                L Charging System Warning Light
                L Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light
                L Low Tire Pressure Warning Light
                L Master Warning light, Forward Collision-avoidance Assist Warning light (FCA)
           L Indicator Lights
                L Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Indicator Light
                L Electronic Stability Control (ESC) OFF Indicator Light, Immobilizer Indicator Light (Without Smart Key)
                L Immobilizer Indicator Light (With Smart Key)
                L Turn Signal Indicator Light, High Beam Indicator Light
                L High beam assist indicator, Front Fog Indicator Light, Light ON Indicator Light
                L Cruise Indicator Light, Cruise SET Indicator Light
                L LKA (Lane Keeping Assist) System Indicator
                L ECO Indicator Light, SPORT Mode Indicator Light
           L Parking distance warning-reverse
                L Operation of the parking distance warning-reverse
                L Non-operational conditions of parking distance warningreverse
                L Parking distance warningreverse precautions
                L Self-diagnosis
           L Rear view monitor
           L Lighting
                L Lighting control
                L High beam operation
                L High Beam Assist
                L Turn signals and lane change signals
                L Check headlight
                L Front fog light
           L Wipers and washers
                L Windshield wipers
                L Front windshield washers
           L Interior lights
                L Room lamp
                L Map lamp
                L Trunk room lamp
                L Vanity mirror lamp
                L Glove box lamp
           L Welcome system
           L Defroster
           L Manual climate control system
                L Heating and air conditioning
                     L Mode selection
                     L MAX A/C selection
                     L Temperature control
                     L Air intake control
                     L Sunroof inside air recirculation
                     L Fan speed control, Air conditioning
                L System operation
                L Climate control air filter
                L Checking the amount of air conditioner refrigerant and compressor lubricant
           L Automatic climate control system
                L Automatic heating and air conditioning
                L Manual heating and air conditioning
                     L Mode selection
                     L Temperature control
                     L Air intake control
                     L Sunroof inside air recirculation, Fan speed control
                     L Air conditioning
                     L OFF mode, Climate information screen selection
                L System operation
                L Climate control air filter
                L Checking the amount of air conditioner refrigerant and compressor lubricant
           L Windshield defrosting and defogging
                L Manual climate control system
                L Automatic climate control system
                L Defogging logic
           L Storage compartments
           L Interior features
                L Cup holder
                L Bottle holder
                L Seat warmer
                L Sunvisor
                L Power outlet
                L USB charger
                L Coat hook
                L Floor mat anchor (s)
                L Side curtain
           L Audio system
      L Driving your vehicle
           L Before driving
           L Key positions
                L Ignition switch position
                L Starting the engine
           L Engine start/stop button
                L Engine start/stop button position
                L Starting the engine with a smart key
           L Automatic transmission
                L Automatic transmission operation
                     L Transmission ranges
                     L Shift lock system
                L Good driving practices
           L Brake system
                L Parking brake – Foot type
                L Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
                L Electronic stability control (ESC)
                     L ESC operation
                     L ESC operation off
                     L Indicator light
                     L ESC OFF usage
                L Vehicle stability management (VSM)
                L Hill-start assist control (HAC)
                L Good braking practices
           L Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA) system
                L System setting and activation
                L FCA warning message and system control
                     L Collision Warning (1st warning)
                L Brake operation
                L FCA sensor (Front View Camera)
                     L Warning message and warning light
                L System malfunction
                L Limitation of the system
                     L Detecting vehicles
                     L Detecting pedestrians
           L Cruise Control System
                L To set cruise control speed
                L To increase cruise control set speed
                L To decrease the cruising speed
                L To cancel cruise control, do one of the following
                L To resume cruising speed at more than approximately 30 km/h (20 mph)
                L To turn cruise control off, do one of the following
           L Drive mode integrated control system
           L Blind-spot Collision Warning (BCW)
                L BCW (Blind-Spot Collision Warning) / LCA (Lane Change Assist)
                L RCCW (Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning)
                     L Operating conditions To operate
                     L Warning type
                     L Warning message
                L Driver's Attention
           L Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) system
                L LKA operation
                     L LKA activation
                     L Warning
           L Driver Attention Warning (DAW)
                L System setting and activation
                L Resetting the system
                L System malfunction
           L Economical operation
           L Special driving conditions
                L Rocking the vehicle
                L Smooth cornering, Driving at night
                L Driving in the rain
                L Driving in flooded areas, Driving off-road
                L Highway driving
           L Winter driving
           L Vehicle load limit
                L Certification label
           L Vehicle weight
      L What to do in an emergency
           L Road warning
           L In case of an emergency while driving
           L If the engine will not start
           L Emergency starting
           L If the engine overheats
           L Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
                L Check tire pressure
                L Low tire pressure position telltale
                L Changing a tire with TPMS
           L If you have a flat tire (with Tire Mobility Kit)
                L Introduction
                L Notes on the safe use of the Tire Mobility Kit
                L Components of the Tire Mobility Kit (TMK)
                L Using the Tire Mobility Kit
                L Checking the tire inflation pressure
                L Technical Data
           L Towing
      L Maintenance
           L Engine compartment
           L Maintenance services
                L Owner’s responsibility
                L Owner maintenance precautions
           L Owner maintenance
           L Scheduled maintenance service
                L Normal Maintenance Schedule - Non Turbo Models
                L Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions - Non Turbo Models
           L Explanation of scheduled maintenance items
           L Checking fluid levels
           L Engine oil
           L Engine coolant
                L Checking the coolant level
           L Brake fluid
           L Washer fluid
           L Parking brake
           L Air cleaner
           L Climate control air filter
           L Wiper blades
                L Blade replacement
           L Battery
                L Recharging the battery
           L Tires and wheels
                L Recommended cold tire inflation pressures
                L Tire pressure
                L Checking tire inflation pressure
                L Wheel alignment and tire balance
                L Tire replacement
                L Wheel replacement
                L Tire sidewall labeling
                L Tire terminology and definitions
                L All season tires, Summer tires, Snow tires
                L Radial-ply tires
                L Low aspect ratio tire
           L Fuses
                L Inner panel fuse replacement
                L Engine compartment fuse replacement
                L Fuse/relay panel description
                     L Driver’s side fuse panel
                     L Engine compartment fuse panel
                     L Engine compartment fuse panel (Battery terminal cover)
           L Light bulbs
                L Light bulb position (Front)
                L Light bulb position (Rear, Side)
                L Headlamp (Low beam) bulb replacement
                L Headlamp (High beam) bulb replacement
                L Front turn signal lamp bulb replacement. Position lamp / Day time running lamp (LED type) replacement
                L Front fog lamp bulb replacement. Side repeater lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
                L Rear turn signal lamp bulb replacement
                L Stop and tail lamp bulb replacement
                L Stop and tail lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
                L Back-up lamp bulb replacement
                L Tail lamp bulb replacement
                L License plate lamp bulb replacement
                L High mounted stop lamp (LED type) bulb replacement. Map lamp bulb replacement
                L Vanity mirror lamp bulb replacement
                L Room lamp bulb replacement. Personal lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
                L Glove box lamp bulb replacement. Trunk lamp bulb replacement
           L Appearance care
                L Exterior care
                L Keep your vehicle clean
                L Interior care
           L Emission control system
      L Specifications & Consumer information
           L Dimensions
           L Engine
           L Bulb wattage
           L Tires and wheels
           L Gross vehicle weight
           L Luggage volume
           L Air conditioning system
           L Recommended lubricants and capacities
           L Vehicle identification number (VIN)
           L Vehicle certification label
           L Tire specification and pressure label
           L Engine number

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2023 Service and Repair Manual

      L General Information
           L General Service Information
           L Basic Service Symbols
           L Identification Numbers
           L Important Safety Notice
           L Lift And Support Points
           L Towing
           L Warning And Caution Labels
      L Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
           L Front View Camera System
                L Front View Camera Unit
                L Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) ON/OFF Switch
           L Front Radar System
                L Front Radar Unit
                L Smart Cruise Control (SCC) Switch
           L Rear Corner Radar System
                L Rear Corner Radar Unit
                L BCW & RCCA Indicator
           L Cruise Control System (CC)
                L Cruise Control (CC) Switch
           L Rear View Monitor (RVM)
           L Surround View Monitor (SVM)
                L Surround View Monitor (SVM) ECU
                L Surround View Monitor (SVM) Camera
                L Surrount View Monitor (SVM) Switch
           L Parking Distance Warning (PDW)
                L Parking Distance Warning (PDW) Sensor
                L Parking Distance Warning (PDW) ON/OFF Switch
           L Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA)
      L Maintenance
           L Power Train
                L Air Cleaner Filter
                L Battery
                L Cooling System
                L Drive Belt
                L Engine Oil and Filter
                L Exhaust System
                L Fuel Lines, Hoses and Connections
                L Spark Plug
                L Automatic Transaxle Fluid
                L Vapor Hose and Fuel Filler Cap
           L Chassis
                L Brake/Clutch Fluid
                L Brake Lines, Hoses and Connections
                L Disc Brakes and Pads
                L Parking Brake
                L Drive Shafts and Boots
                L Steering Gear Rack, Linkage and Boots
                L Suspension Ball Joints
                L Suspension Mounting Bolts
                L Tire (pressure & tread wear)
           L Air Conditioner Refrigerant/Compressor
           L Climate Control Air Filter
           L Maintenance Schedule
                L Normal Condition
                L Severe Condition
      L Engine Mechanical System
           L Cooling System
                L Coolant
                L Reservoir Tank
                L Cooling Fan
                L Radiator
                L Water Temperature Control Assembly
                L Water pump
                L Thermostat
           L Cylinder Block
                L Drive plate
                L Rear Oil Seal
                L Piston and Connecting Rod
                L Crankshaft
                L Cylinder Block
           L Cylinder Head Assembly
                L Cylinder Head Cover
                L CVVT & Camshaft
                L Cylinder Head
           L Drive Belt System
                L Drive Belt
                L Drive Belt Tensioner
                L Idler
                L Crankshaft Damper Pulley
           L Engine And Transaxle Assembly
                L Engine Cover
                L Engine Room Under Cover
                L Engine Mounting
                L Engine And Transaxle Assembly
           L Intake And Exhaust System
                L Air Cleaner
                L Intake Manifold
                L Variable Intake Solenoid(VIS) Actuator
                L Exhaust Manifold
                L Muffler
           L Lubrication System
                L Engine Oil
                L Oil Pan
                L Oil Pressure Switch
                L Oil Level Gauge & Pipe
                L Oil Pump
           L Timing System
                L Front Oil Seal
                L Timing Chain Cover
                L Timing Chain
      L Engine Electrical System
           L Ignition System
                L Ignition Coil
                L Spark Plug
           L Charging System
                L Alternator
                L Battery
                L Battery Sensor
           L Starting System
                L Starter
                L Starter Relay
      L Emission Control System
           L Crankcase Emission Control System
                L Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve
           L Evaporative Emission Control System
                L Canister
                L Fuel Filler Cap
                L Fuel Tank Air Filter
                L Purge Control Solenoid Valve (PCSV)
           L Exhaust Emission Control System
                L Catalytic Converter
                L CVVT (Continuous Variable Valve Timing) System
      L Engine Control / Fuel System
           L Engine Control System
                L Engine Control Module (ECM)
                L ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) System
                L Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAPS) & Intake Air Temperature Sensor (IATS)
                L Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECTS)
                L Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS)
                L Camshaft Position Sensor (CMPS)
                L Knock Sensor (KS)
                L Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)
                L Accelerator Position Sensor (APS)
                L CVVT Oil Control Valve (OCV)
                L Variable Intake Solenoid (VIS) Valve
                L Variable Charge Motion Actuator (VCMA)
           L Fuel Delivery System
                L Fuel Tank
                L Fuel Pump Module
                L Fuel Filter
                L Fuel Pump & Tube Assembly
                L Fuel Sender
                L Fuel Pressure Regulator
                L Fuel Line
                L Filler-Neck Assembly
                L Delivery Pipe
                L Injector
      L Automatic Transaxle System
           L Automatic Transaxle Control System
                L Transaxle Control Module (TCM)
                L Transaxle Oil Temperature Sensor (Main Harness)
                L Speed Sensor
                L Inhibitor Switch
                L Shift Lever
                L Shift Cable
           L Automatic Transaxle System
           L Hydraulic System
                L Fluid
                L Valve Body
                L Oil Pump
                L Torque Converter Control Solenoid Valve (T/CON_VFS)
                L 35R Clutch Control Solenoid Valve (35R/C_VFS)
                L 26 Brake Control Solenoid Valve (26/B_VFS)
                L Underdrive Brake Control Solenoid Valve (UD/B_VFS)
                L Overdrive Clutch Control Solenoid Valve (OD/C_VFS)
                L Line Pressure Control Solenoid Valve
                L SS-A Solenoid Valve (ON/OFF)
      L Driveshaft and axle
           L Front Axle Assembly
           L Rear Hub - Carrier
           L Driveshaft Assembly
                L Front Driveshaft
                L Joint Assembly (Transaxle side)
                L Joint Assembly (Wheel side)
      L Suspension System
           L Front Suspension System
                L Front Strut Assembly
                L Front Lower Arm
                L Front Stabilizer Bar
                L Sub Frame
           L Rear Suspension System
                L Rear Shock Absorber
                L Rear Coil Spring
                L Rear Upper Arm
                L Rear Lower Arm
                L Rear Assist Armature
                L Trailing Arm
                L Rear Stabilizer Bar
                L Rear sub frame
           L Tires/Wheels
                L Tire
                L Wheel
                L Alignment
           L Tire Pressure Monitoring System
                L TPMS Sensor
                L TPMS Receiver
      L Steering System
           L Steering wheel
                L Heated Steering wheel
           L Motor Driven Power Steering
                L MDPS System
                L MDPS Column and Housing
                L Steering Gear Box
      L Restraint
           L SRSCM
                L SRS Control Module (SRSCM)
                L Front Impact Sensor (FIS)
                L Side Impact Sensor (SIS)
           L Airbag Module
                L Driver Airbag (DAB) Module and Clock Spring
                L Passenger Airbag (PAB) Module
                L Side Airbag (SAB) Module
                L Curtain Airbag (CAB) Module
           L Seat Belt Pretensioner (BPT)
      L Brake System
           L Brake System
                L Brake Booster
                L Master Cylinder
                L Brake Line
                L Brake Pedal
                L Stop Lamp Switch
                L Front Brake Caliper
                L Front Brake Disc
                L Rear Brake Caliper
                L Rear Brake Disc
                L Brake Pad
           L Parking Brake System
                L Parking Brake Pedal Assembly
                L Parking Brake Cable
                L Electric Parking Brake (EPB)
           L ESC (Electronic Stability Control) System
                L ESC Control Module
                L ESC OFF Switch
                L Front Wheel Speed Sensor
                L Rear Wheel Speed Sensor
                L Emergency Signal System
      L Body (Interior and Exterior)
           L Fender
           L Hood
                L Hood Assembly
                L Hood Insulator Pad
                L Hood Seal Weatherstrip
                L Hood Lift
                L Hood Latch Release Handle
                L Hood Latch
           L Trunk Lid
                L Trunk Lid Assembly
                L Trunk Lid Trim
                L Trunk Lid Weatherstrip
                L Trunk Lid Latch
           L Fuel Filler Door
           L Front Door
                L Front Door Trim
                L Front Door Window Glass
                L Front Door Module
                L Front Door Inside Handle
                L Front Door Outside Handle
                L Front Door Belt Outside Weatherstrip
                L Front Door Belt Inside Weatherstrip
                L Front Door Side Weatherstrip
                L Front Door Latch
           L Rear Door
                L Rear Door Trim
                L Rear Door Window Glass
                L Rear Door Module
                L Rear Door Curtain Assembly
                L Rear Door Inside Handle
                L Rear Door Outside Handle
                L Rear Door Belt Outside Weatherstrip
                L Rear Door Belt Inside Weatherstrip
                L Rear Door Side Weatherstrip
                L Rear Door Latch
           L Body Side Molding
                L Roof Side Molding
                L Front Wheel Guard
                L Rear Wheel Guard
                L Side Sill Molding
                L Front Mud Guard
                L Rear Mud Guard
                L Trunk Lid Garnish
           L Panorama Sunroof
                L Movable Glass
                L Front Glass
                L Rear Glass
                L Panorama Sunroof Deflector
                L Mechanism Rail
                L Roller Blind
                L Panorama Sunroof Assembly
                L Roll Blind Cable Assembly
           L Outside Rear View Mirror
           L Inside Rear View Mirror
           L Cowl Top Cover
           L Floor Console
                L Floor Console Assembly
                L Rear Console Cover
                L Console Armrest
           L Crash Pad
                L Cluster Fascia Panel
                L Crash Pad Lower Panel
                L Steering Column Shroud Panel
                L Crash Pad Garnish
                L Glove Box
                L Crash Pad Side Cover
                L Crash Pad Under Cover
                L Crash Pad Center Panel
                L Main Crash Pad Assembly
                L Cowl Cross Bar Assembly
           L Roof Trim
                L Sunvisor
                L Assist Handle
                L Roof Trim Assembly
           L Interior Trim
                L Door Scuff Trim
                L Door Step Trim
                L Cowl Side Trim
                L Front Pillar Trim
                L Center Pillar Trim
                L Rear Pillar Trim
           L Trunk Trim
                L Rear Package Tray Trim
                L Luggage Side Trim
                L Rear Transverse Trim
           L Windshield Glass
           L Rear Window Glass
           L Quarter Fixed Glass
           L Floor Carpet
           L Front Bumper
                L Front Bumper Assembly
                L Radiator Grill
                L Front Bumper Beam Assembly
           L Rear Bumper
                L Rear Bumper Assembly
                L Rear Bumper beam Assembly
           L Front Seat
                L Front Seat Assembly
                L Front Seat Outer Shield Cover
                L Front Seat Inner Shield Cover
                L Front Seat Back Cover
                L Front Seat Cushion Cover
                L Front Seat Frame Assembly
           L Rear Seat
                L Rear Seat Assembly
                L Rear Seat Back Cover
                L Rear Seat Cushion Cover
           L Front Seat Belt
                L Front Seat Belt Pretensioner
                L Height Adjust
                L Front Seat Belt Buckle
           L Rear Seat Belt
                L Rear Seat Belt Retractor
                L Rear Center Seat Belt Retractor
                L Rear Seat Belt Buckle
      L Body Electrical System
           L Auto Lighting Control System
                L Auto Light Sensor
           L Audio/AVN System
                L A/V Navigation
                L Audio
                L Speaker
                L External Amp
                L Antenna
                L Steering Wheel Remote Controller (SWRC)
                L Multimedia Jack
                L Mic
           L Button Engine Start System
                L Start/Stop Button
                L ESCL(Electronic Steering Column Lock)
           L Charging System
                L USB Charger
                L Wireless Power Charger (WPC)
                L Wireless Charging Indicator
           L Electro Chromic Inside Rear View Mirror
           L Emergency Call System
                L Emergency Call (E-call) Unit
                L Emergency Call (E-call) Switch
           L Fuses And Relays
                L Engine Room Junction Block
                L Integrated Central Control Unit (ICU)
           L Fuel Filler Door
                L Fuel Filler Door Unlock Actuator
           L Headlamp Leveling System
           L Head Up Display System
                L Head Up Display (HUD) Unit
           L Horn
           L Ignition Switch Assembly
           L Indicators And Gauges
                L Instrument Cluster
           L Integrated Memory Seat (IMS)
                L Integrated Memory Seat (IMS) Unit
                L Integrated Memory Seat (IMS) Switch
           L Integrated Body Control Unit (IBU)
           L Keyless Entry And Burglar Alarm
           L Lighting System
                L Fog Lamp
                L Hazard Lamp Switch
                L Headlamps
                L High Mounted Stop Lamp
                L License Lamps
                L Trunk Room Lamp
                L Overhead Console Lamp
                L Rear Combination Lamp
                L Rheostat
                L Room Lamp
                L Vanity Lamp
                L Personal Lamp
                L Mood Lamp Unit
           L Multifunction Switch
           L Panorama Sunroof
                L Panorama Sunroof Switch
                L Panorama Sunroof Motor
           L Power Door Locks
                L Power Door Lock Switch
                L Power Door Lock Module
           L Power Door Mirrors
                L Power Door Mirror Switch
                L Power Door Mirror Actuator
           L Power Windows
                L Power Window Motor
                L Power Window Switch
           L Rear Glass Defogger
                L Rear Glass Defogger Printed Heater
                L Rear Glass Defogger Switch
           L Seat Electrical
                L Heated Seats Only
                L Ventilated and Heated Seat Switch
                L Ventilated and Heated Seat
                L Lumbar Support System
                L Power Seat Control Switch
                L Power Seat Motor
                L Walk-in Switch
                L Relaxion Comfort Seat
           L Smart Key System
                L Smart Key
                L Smart Key Unit
                L Smart Key Antenna
                L Smart Key Diagnostic
           L Wiper/Washer
                L Wiper Arm
                L Wiper Motor
                L Washer Switch
                L Washer Motor
                L Rain Sensor
      L Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
           L Air Conditioning System
                L Compressor oil
                L Refrigerant Line
                L Compressor
                L Condenser
                L Receiver-Drier
                L A/C Pressure Transducer
                L Evaporator Temperature Sensor
                L In-car Sensor
                L Photo Sensor
                L Ambient Temperature Sensor
                L Auto Defogging Sensor
                L Cluster Ionizer
           L Heater
                L Heater Unit
                L Heater Core
                L Evaporator Core
                L Temperature Control Actuator
                L Mode Control Actuator
                L Auto Defoging Actuator
           L Blower
                L Blower Unit
                L Blower Motor
                L Blower Resistor
                L Power Mosfet
                L Climate Control Air Filter
                L Intake Actuator
           L Controller
                L Heater & A/C Control Unit (Manual)
                L Heater & A/C Control Unit (DATC)
                L Heater Control Unit

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