Kia Optima: Crash Pad / Cowl Cross Bar Assembly

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2021 Service and Repair Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Crash Pad / Cowl Cross Bar Assembly

Components and components location
Component Location

1. Cowl cross bar assembly

Repair procedures

When removing with a flat-tip screwdriver or remover, wrap protective tape around the tools to prevent damage to components.

Use a plastic panel removal tool to remove interior trim pieces without marring the surface.

Take care not to bend or scratch the trim and panels.

Put on gloves to prevent hand injuries.


Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.


Remove the main crash pad assembly.

(Refer to Crash Pad - "Main Crash Pad Assembly")


Remove the knee airbag(KAB).

(Refer to Restraint - "Knee Airbag(KAB)")


Disconnect the steering column connectors.

(Refer to Steering System - "Steering Column and Shaft")


Loosen the mounting nuts and through bolts in the frontal area and lower the steering column.

(Refer to Steering System - "Steering Column and Shaft")


Press the lock pin and separate the airbag system control module connector (A).


Remove the mounting clips from the front pillar area and disconnect the various connectors (A).




Disconnect the passenger compartment junction box connectors (A).


Disconnect the multi box connectors (A).




Separate the heater and blower unit connector.



Separate the temperture control actuator (A) and mode control actuator (B) connectors.



Separate the auto defogging actuator connector (A).


Separate the intake actuator (A), cluster ionizer (B), temperture control actuator (C) connectors.


Separate the evaporator sensor (A) and power mosfer (B) connectors.


Remove the plug hole (A) and loosen the cowl cross bar side mounting bolts.




Remove the battery.

G 2.0 NU MPI (Refer to Engine Electrical System - "Battery")

G 2.5 GDI THETA II (Refer to Engine Electrical System - "Battery")


Loosen the engine room cowl cross bar assembly mounting bolts.


Loosen the mounting bolts remove the cowl cross bar assembly (A).

Tightening torque :

16.7 - 22.6 N.m (1.7 - 2.3 kgf.m, 12.3 - 16.6 lb-ft)


Separate the main wiring (A) from cowl cross bar assembly.


Refit the main wiring exactly as it was originally intended.


To install, reverse the removal procedure.


Make sure the crash pad fits onto the guide pins correctly.

Before tightening the bolts, make sure the crash pad wire harnesses are not pinched.

Make sure the connectors are plugged in properly, and the antenna lead is connected properly.

Make sure that each of the assembly components operates properly.

Replace any damaged clips (or pin-type retainers).

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