Kia Optima: Body Electrical System / Auto Lighting Control System

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2023 Service and Repair Manual / Body Electrical System / Auto Lighting Control System


Rated voltage
DC +5 V
Max. 1 mA (Relay load)
Illuminations (Lux)
0.76 ± 0.17 V
1.30 ± 0.30 V

Components and components location

1. Auto light sensor
2. Head lamps
3. Integrated central control unit (ICU)
4. Multifunction switch
5. Rear combination lamp
6. Integrated body control unit (IBU)

Description and operation

This system uses an illumination sensor to automatically turn ON the tail lamp and head lamp based on the ambient light change in surrounding environment's.

It activates when the vehicle enters/exits tunnel, or when the illumination condition in surrounding environment changes due to rain, snow, or fog.

Body Electrical System
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Auto Light Sensor
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