Kia Optima: Panorama Sunroof / Front Glass

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2020 Service and Repair Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Panorama Sunroof / Front Glass

Repair procedures

In order to remove the front glass, use the tools shown in the following figure:

[Tooling Diagram]

① Square wire

② Insert-type wire grip

Insert and affix square wire ① into the insert hole of the wire grip ②.

[Tooling Assembly Diagram]


Press panorama sunroof switch to fully open the movable glass.


Remove the roof side molding.

(Refer to Body Side Moulding - "Roof Side Molding")


Pull the square wire (A) to the left and right, then apply a force in the direction of the arrow to cut off the residual sealant.


Longer wires require more power, so divide Section ① and ② in half to cut off residual sealant.


Make sure that you put on gloves to protect your hands from potential injury.

Be careful about potentially burning your hands due to the heat generated from the wire in use.

Be careful when working with wiring because it may be cut.


Be careful not to damage the body.


Remove the front glass (A) carefully without damaging it.


In order to mount the front glass, use the tools shown in the following figure :

[Tooling Diagram]

① Sealant nozzle

② Adhesive sealant for car windows

③ Sealant gun


Install the roof side moulding.


Press panorama sunroof switch to fully close the movable glass.


Use a blade to cut off residual sealant (A) around body panel.


When cutting off the residual sealant around the body panel, make sure to leave about 2mm of sealant from the adhesive surface.


Make sure that the body paint surface is not damaged at all.

If it is damaged, apply paint or rust inhibitor for maintenance.


Use alcohol or an air gun to clean up the edges of the body panel and front glass.


Use a sealant gun to apply sealant (B) around body panel (A).


When using a sealant gun to apply the sealant, make sure that the sealant is not cracked to prevent water leaks.


Install the front glass (A) loosely on the body panel.


Check step and gap before front glass (A) is fully mounted.


Apply tape to around the front glass to prevent the glass from coming off.


If sealant is excessively applied, it may ooze out of the body. Use alcohol or a cleaning agent to wipe off the residual sealant.


Mount front glass and set the car on a flat surface at least for 4 hours.

If you have to drive the car, be sure to SLOWLY drive the car for at least 8 hours after mounting.

Alert the driver to avoid driving the car aggressively for 2-3 days, or avoid driving it on irregular road surfaces.

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