Kia Optima: Body Electrical System / Fuel Filler Door

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2024 Service and Repair Manual / Body Electrical System / Fuel Filler Door

Components and components location
Components Location

1. Fuel filler door unlock actuator

Integrated Central Control Unit (ICU)
Components and components location Component Location 1. Integrated central control unit (ICU) Description and operation Description I ...

Fuel Filler Door Unlock Actuator
Repair procedures Removal 1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal. 2. Remvoe the fuel door housing. (Refer to Body - "Fuel Filler Door&q ...

Other information:

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2024 Owner's Manual: License plate lamp bulb replacement

1. Open the trunk lid. 2. Loosen the retaining screw of the trunk lid cover and then remove the cover. 3. Remove the socket from the assembly by turning the socket counterclockwise until the tabs on the socket align with the slots on the assembly. 4. Remove the bulb from bulb-socket by pull ...

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2024 Owner's Manual: Starting the engine with a smart key

1.Carry the smart key or place it inside the vehicle. 2.Make sure the parking brake is firmly applied 3.Place the transmission shift lever in P (Park). Depress the brake pedal fully. You can also start the engine when the shift lever is in the N (Neutral) position. 4.Press the engine start/stop ...

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