Kia Optima: Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) / Parking Distance Warning (PDW)

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2020 Service and Repair Manual / Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) / Parking Distance Warning (PDW)


Ultrasonic sensor
Voltage rating
DC 12 V
Detecting range
30 - 120 cm (11.8 - 47.2 in.)
Operation voltage
DC 9 - 16 V
Operation current
MAX. 350mA
Operation frequency
48 ± 5 KHz
Number of sensors
8 units

Components and components location
Component Location

1. Integrated body control unit (IBU)
2. Parking distance warning-forward (PDW-F) sensor
3. Parking distance warning-reverse (PDW-R) sensor

Description and operation

PDW consists of 8 sensors (front : 4 units, rear : 4 units) that are used to detect obstacles and transmit the result in three separate warning levels, the first, second and third to IBU via LIN communication.

IBU decides the alarm level by the transmitted communication message from the slave sensors, then operates the buzzer or transmits the data for display.

Block Diagram

System Operation Specification

Initial mode

System initializing time

PDW-F : IGN1+ initial D Gear + below 15 Km/h

PDW-R : IGN1+ initial R Gear


PDW recognizes LID and sets the sensor ID up during initialization.


PDW activates each sensor and then executes the diagnosis after finishing initialization of IPM(IBU).


PDW starting buzzer is normally worked, when sensor does not send an error message and after finishing error diagnosis.


If any failure is received from the any sensors, PDW starting buzzer does not work but the failure alarm is operated for a moment.

If you have display option, warning sign is also displayed.


Buzzer for sensor failure is operated once, but display is shown continuously until it is repaired.


IBU memorizes the completed initializing status of sensor.

Normal mode

PDW-F : Lin communication starts and keeps the routine after IGN1 ON+D gear + below 15 km/h.

PDW-R : Lin communication starts and keeps the routine after IGN1 ON+R gear


After initializing, the routine starts at once without PDW starting warning sound.


The obstacle alarm has 3 levels in 1, 2 and 3 step levels; alarms 1 and 2 have intermittent audible sounds, while alarm 3 has continuous audible sound. For the front ultrasonic sensor level 1 alarm does not exist.


In display, the data of each sensor is sent from IBU to display, for example cluster.


The efficient vehicle speed of PDW operation is under 10Km/h.


Operation doesn't start or stop in N or P gears.

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