Kia Optima: Body Electrical System / Head Up Display System

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2024 Service and Repair Manual / Body Electrical System / Head Up Display System

Components and components location
Components Location

1. Rain sensor
2. Head up display (HUD) unit
3. Instrument cluster

Description and operation

HUD system displays various information on the windshield glass which minimizes the driver’s eye movement to enhance safety and convenience.

The Head Up Display reflects the TFT LCD images to two mirrors (flat/concave) and displays them 2.2m ahead from the driver's eye.

Information provided by HUD


Drive information : Vehicle speed


Turn by Turn navigation information, road signs.



System Diagram

Components Description


Head Up Display : Electronic system that provides safety and convenience by displaying the vehicle information on the windshield glass to minimize movement of the driver's eye.


HUD ON/OFF : There is no ON/OFF switch for Head Up Display. Enable/disable in user setting menu in instrument panel.


Illumination Sensor : It is equipped with bidirectional (vertical and horizontal) sensor. HUD brightness is controlled depending on horizontal measurement (ambient brightness).

Built-in bidirectional illumination sensor


If illumination sensor measurement could not be detected, HUD will not be displayed. Check for normal operation of illumination sensor before inspecting HUD.


Windshield glass : Windshield glass exclusive for Head Up Display is built in with double image removal film.


Use of window tinting film on windshield glass may decrease image quality

Image may be distorted or seem dark if driver wears polarized sunglasses.


When replacing front windshield glass, always replace with exclusive windshield glass for Head Up Display. Otherwise, the Head Up Display images may overlap.

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