Kia Optima: Body (Interior and Exterior) / Interior Trim

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2021 Service and Repair Manual / Body (Interior and Exterior) / Interior Trim

Components and components location

1. Front pillar trim
2. Cowl side trim
3. Center pillar lower trim
4. Center pillar upper trim
5. Front door scuff trim
6. Rear door scuff trim
7. Rear pillar trim
8. Front door step trim
9. Rear door step trim

Roof Trim Assembly
Components and components location Component Location 1. Roof trim assembly Repair procedures Replacement &nb ...

Door Scuff Trim
Repair procedures Replacement [Front door scuff trim]    • When removing with a flat-tip scre ...

Other information:

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2021 Service and Repair Manual: Front Radar Unit

Specifications Specification Item Specification Power supply 12 V Operation voltage 9 - 16 V Installation angle Horizontal 0 ± 0.8° Vertica ...

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2021 Owner's Manual: Folding the outside rearview mirror

Electric type The outside rearview mirror can be folded or unfolded by pressing the switch when the ignition switch is ACC or ON position as below. Left (1) : The mirror will unfold. Right (2) : The mirror will fold. Center (AUTO, 3) : The mirror will fold or unfold automatically as follows ...

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