Kia Optima: Automatic Transaxle System / Hydraulic System

Kia Optima DL3 2019-2021 Service and Repair Manual / Automatic Transaxle System / Hydraulic System

Components and components location
Components Location

1. Automatic transaxle
2. Oil filter
3. Mechanical oil pump

4. Converter housing
5. Torque converter

Description and operation

The components of the hydraulic system

Automatic Transaxle Fluid (ATF)

Oil pump

Oil filter

Valve body


The oil pump is powered by the engine.


ATF passes through the oil filter and gets distributed along the oil channels.


TCM controls the hydraulic pressure using solenoid valves and controls clutch and brake operations.

Oil-pressure characteristics input
Oil-pressure characteristics input
Solenoid valve oil-pressure characteristics input procedure

Perform the oil-pressure characteristics input procedure using the KDS.


Click the "OK" button after checking the condition.


Click the "OK" button after selecting the replaced solenoid valve.


Check the code that was recorded before installing the new solenoid valve.


Click the "OK" button after inputting oil pressure characteristics for the replaced solenoid valve.

Automatic Transaxle System
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